Here’s a selection of my work over the years. Please visit my Vimeo site to see more of my video work as well as some of my motion graphics. If you like you can also follow me on the various social media platforms by clicking on the icons which appear in the footer area of this site.

This is the short version of the video I made for the Norwegian Refugee Council on Afghan refugees in Greece. I shot this in Greece, September 2016. I hope it manages to raise some awareness around the crisis they are experiencing since the borders were closed on 20 March 2016.

I edited the first four episodes of this great series for Māori Television. The series began broadcasting on 12 September 2016.

I shot the behind the scenes footage and interviews and edited this short promo for the Oversew Fashion Awards, held in Carterton, Wairarapa in May 2016.

The Paint The Town! Community Project happened over the weekend of the 7th – 8th November. This is the video I shot and edited of the event for the GoCarterton YouTube Channel.

I finished editing this series in December 2014. The ten part series was first aired worldwide in April 2015. Consisting of some of the most amazing UGC (user generated content) ever captured on camera, the clips are broken down using CGI and other graphic elements to explain the science behind these events. This particular clip is of a mid air plane crash in the middle of a skydive.

This is a clip from an interview with Lorna Orme who died on the 14th July 2015 at age 93. She was an amazing woman and a personal inspiration. Her interview was recorded as a gift to her family and was never meant to be anything more. However, since showing it to people I have come into contact with, I have found so many people who helped shape New Zealand and who have such amazing stories to tell, that I am now making a series of these short personal portraits. Hopefully others will find them as moving, humorous and interesting as I have.

I completed editing this series for Animal Planet in January 2014. It’s an Obs Doc series on some of the most preposterous pets (and carers / owners) in the world – from Polar Bears and Capybara to Alligators and Cobras – and their owners who share their homes with them – who are often as eccentric and unique as the animals they care for. Below is a clip from the really bizarre world of extreme dog grooming. Whether you agree with this type of thing or not, it’s weird as hell. While editing this particular piece and quite a few other stories in the series, I was challenged ethically about the whole process of people keeping pets of this nature or (as in this clip), doing what they do to these animals. People keeping lions and tigers as pets is not something I can agree with. These are wild animals and need to be in the wild.

The ACT Alliance launch video. I shot this four minute video over three months in Brazil, Kenya, Dadaab Refugee Camp (Kenya/Somalia border) and Northern and Southern India. The idea was to show the work of the various NGO’s (non-government organizations) around the globe in a non verbal/language oriented way. So we used the language of music. I edited the footage back in the UK.

Excerpt frpm The Secret Life of the Rainforest (3D) for Sky 3D and Smithsonian, Winner of the 2012 International 3D Society.Lumière Europe award for Outstanding Achievement. Also nominated for a Royal Television Society Award for Technical Achievement.  Filmed in 3D on Panama’s Barro Colorado Island, the perfect microcosm of nature. Every year, passionate and dedicated scientists gather to this oasis of life, scaling the treetops, from canopy to forest floor, in an attempt to unlock the secrets of the rainforest. Follow them as they explore how life thrives in one of the most complex habitats on Earth.

I edited this one hour documentary for the History Channel titled Vampire Island. It follows the discovery of graves in Greece containing ‘unusual’ burials. One of the graves, discovered during an excavation by Professor Hector Williams in Myteline, shocked the world, the body had been buried in a tomb carved into the city wall, it had stakes driven through the neck, the pelvis and the ankles. It was then placed in a wooden cask, lowered into the tomb and the wall rebuilt around it. The people of Myteline definitely did not want this person returning from the dead….

The documentary follows on to locate an island off Myteline which is perhaps the location of the worlds only mass grave site for vampires.

Instead of cheesy reconstruction, director Julian Thomas has opted for stylish graphics by illustrator, Ivan Allen. I then animated these using After Effects.

A clip from the documentary ‘Secrets of the Dollar Bill’ I edited for the History Channel as part of their Decoding The Past series. The documentary looks at the conspiracy theory that the symbols on the dollar bill prove Freemason involvement in America’s Founding Fathers.

An excerpt from one of the episodes of the series Concrete Canvas.  I edited this for Sky Arts following street artist Julian Beever, creating his spectacular 3D chalk drawings in cities all over the world.

A clip from the opera, Hansel & Gretel, I edited as part of the Glyndebourne Opera Festival in Cinemas. The opera’s were shown in cinemas worldwide.

Architectural Series for Gallery HD Stateside and Channel Four in the UK. I cut three episodes. A great series to cut and a great series to watch too. This is my favourite skyscraper!!

A series I edited for Discovery’s Animal Planet channel where we go on set of movies with animal actors. This one stars a dog with wolf make up and David Carradine, who is not an animal apparently…