I started in the Broadcast industry in 1994 creating 3D Animated commercials for Coca Cola, BMW, Smarties and Sprite amongst others. My software of choice at this time was Softimage 3D (later known as Softimage XSI). In 1997 I studied advanced editing with AVID at Pinewood Studios in London and I moved into a career in editing, (with some graphics production too). Over the past 20 years I have edited shows for BBC, Channel 4, ITN, Sky, Discovery, Animal Planet, National Geographic and many others plus a few cinema releases for Glyndebourne Opera and Shakespeare’s Globe.

Winner of the 2011 Lumiere Award for Technical Achievement

In the last 10 years as the industry and technology changed I have changed with it to become more of an all rounder; shooting, directing, producing, editing and colour grading. I moved to New Zealand in 2014 and have since worked with Torchlight Films, AWA Films, Haka Boy Films and have made several programmes for Māori Television.



Role: Online Editor and Colourist / Kaiwhakatutuki Waihanga Pikitia

Production Company: AWA Films for Māori Television

TX Date: 21:00 - 26 October 2018