Winner of the International 3D Society.Lumière Europe award for Outstanding Achievement for ‘Secret Life of the Rainforest’ for Sky | Smithsonian Channel.
Nominated for a Royal Television Society Award for Technical Achievement.

I’m a freelance colourist, editor, director/camera operator living in Carterton, Wiararapa, New Zealand. My passion is the moving image and all things technical, so I combine them both as my profession.

Until recently I was a full-time broadcast editor and shooter working out of the UK. Over the past 15 years I have made films for all the major UK and International TV channels namely, BBC, Four, Five, ITN, Sky, National Geographic, Discovery and Animal Planet as well as numerous Opera and Shakespeare’s Globe international cinema releases.

On this site are some examples of my work over the years, it’s certainly not exhaustive. If you like what I do I am available for any sort of video project be it events, community projects, weddings, TV, promo’s, music videos or anything else that involves capturing a moving image.

“Sean first approached me in 2016 and voiced his experience as a film editor and post production specialist. He was well mannered and knowledgeable about the industry and was experienced with all of the professional editing tools. It wasn’t long before we were in production and I invited Sean to become part of the team on a new television series.

Sean was a real asset to the team and his knowledge and instinct played an important role in shaping how the show came together. When there were problems in the field Sean was able take footage that was sub-standard and piece it together in a way that kept telling the story.

Sean and I then worked on a Documentary that was a real passion project. We spent many hours in the edit suite together moulding and shaping the story until we were happy to share it with the world. I trust his instinct and decision making as a filmmaker. He has a good sense of music and mood to evoke emotion. He knows when things need to breathe and he certainly knows how to finish a project with style.

I will be working with Sean in the future and would highly recommend him as an editor and filmmaker to anyone.”
Nga mihi,
Julian Arahanga – Director, AWA Films (Wellington, New Zealand)
AWA Films

“I have known Sean for two years. Over this time he has worked with me in various post-production roles, including trailer editing (The Great Maiden’s Blush) and design of feature film rolling credits (Kobi and The Great Maiden’s Blush).
Sean has always been terrific to work with. His calmness and organisation, together with his ability to listen, means jobs are always completed without rushing or stress – important qualities when dealing with the minutiae of post-production, and credits in particular.
He has a great sense of design, coupled with solid technical understanding, that has always made my working relationship with him a real pleasure – in fact I am always looking for opportunities where we can do so again.”
Andrea Bosshard, Director, Torchlight Films New Zealand
Torchlight Films

“Sean is creative, focused, expert in his work, and a lot of fun to work with. We have now worked together in four continents, and I don’t know anyone else with the breadth and depth of talent that he has.”
Sean Hawkey, Photographer, Journalist, Green Party Candidate (Brighton, UK)

“Sean is both an excellent creative and technically minded editor. We have worked on many shows together across many genres. Sean is personable and a pleasure to work with. Comes highly recommended.”
Jon Lee, Director at Virtual Post (London, UK)

“Sean possesses two of the most important attributes one could ask for in an editor: Speed and creativity. He’s also a conscientious, enthusiastic worker with a great feel for pace, timing and narrative. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again.”
Anna Keel, Director (London, UK)
Anna Keel IMDB

“In the years I have known Sean, he has worked with me on various high quality television programmes both as an offline editor and graphics artist.
Immensely likeable with a ready humour that makes him a pleasure to spend time with, Sean also has many good qualities that stand out in the workplace; a quite rare combination of organisation, speed, enquiring mind and a visual, creative flair which he manages to fuse with the technical ability to achieve our aims, often operating under less than ideal circumstances.
This, with his ability to work extraordinarily hard and to totally apply himself to a task in hand, mean I would have no hesitation in recommending Sean, and working with him again myself.”

Dan Dixon, Producer, VFX Producer (London, UK)
Dan Dixon IMDB