Chaos Caught On Camera – Discovery Channel

Finished editing this series in December 2014. The ten part series was first aired worldwide in April 2015. Consisting of some of the most amazing UGC (user generated content) ever captured on camera, the clips are broken down using graphics and graphic elements to explain the science behind these events.

Preposterous Pets – Discovery / Animal Planet / TLC

I completed editing this series in January 2014. It’s an Obs Doc series on some of the most preposterous pets (and carers / owners) in the world – from Polar Bears and Capybara to Alligators and Cobras – and their owners who share their homes with them – who are often as eccentric and unique as the animals they care for. Below is a clip from the really bizarre world of extreme dog grooming. Whether you agree with this type of thing or not, it’s weird as hell. While editing this particular piece and quite a few other stories in the series, I was challenged ethically about the whole process of people keeping pets of this nature or (as in this clip), doing what they do to these animals. People keeping lions and tigers as pets is not something I can agree with. These are wild animals and need to be in the wild.

Secret Life of the Rainforest wins 3D award and nominated for an RTS Award

The Secret Life of the Rainforest (3D) for Sky 3D and Smithsonian, Winner of the 2012 International 3D Society.Lumiere Europe award for Outstanding Achievement. Also nominated for a Royal Television Society Award for Technical Achievement.2013-02-22 22.55



‘Natures Greatest Journey’, Masai Mara 3D shoot


This is what we came to see….


Sky 3D, Discovery / Animal Planet and IMAX commissioned this major 3D documentary chronicling the Wildebeest migration from the Serengeti in Tanzania to the Masai Mara in Kenya. We had six shoots over 9 months. I had an on location 3D edit suite set up so I could check the dailies for any stereoscopic errors and call a re-shoot if necessary. I was also able to rough cut sequences and let the director know what we needed shot wise to make stories work.


Alain aligning the parallel (side by side) cameras.

The two camera’s needed for the 3D shoot were placed either in parallel rig or a mirror rig and needed to be realigned daily at least. Especially since the camera rig was fitted to the roof of one of the Land Cruisers and we had to traverse some serious terrain.

Simon with the alignment target









Me on the 3D mirror rig.

Me on the 3D mirror rig.

My full 3D edit suite was set up in a tent near the mess. The main 3D rig camera’s were shooting onto Sony SR tape, we also had a 2D Sony XD camera, a Panasonic 3D camera and 16 3D rigged Go-Pro’s. To ingest all this footage my suite was set up with around 30 terrabytes of storage. I was not only editing on location but I was also in charge of all the data wrangling. At the end of each days shoot I would ingest all the SR tapes, and copy all card media across to the main drives and then create 2 backups of each.

Warren was shooting on the long lens 2D XD cam.

Warren was shooting on the long lens 2D XD cam.

My bush edit suite

My bush edit suite

The crew

The crew

High Octane 3D Edit

I’m presently editing an extreme sports 3D series for Discovery’s new 3D channel at Electric Sky / BTV Post in Brighton, who are UK pioneers of 3D production. It’s been interesting to say the least getting to grips with 3D workflow and limitations. More on this to come….

For now some cool stereoscopic stills from the edits.

Vampire Island edit finished

My edit of this one hour documentary for the History Channel finished a few days ago and the dub was finished yesterday. The programme TX date is 31st October we believe, both in the USA and the UK.

I had a lot of fun on this programme, especially with the graphics.

These lovely illustrations by Ivan Allen were opted for instead of dramatic reconstruction and I think it’s worked very well. Ivan gave me the illustrations as Photoshop layers which I then placed along Z space in After Effects.

To automate this process I used a script written by Paul Tuersley from the AE scripts site called pt_Multiplane. The script places each layer at a different position along the z-axis and scales it so it will always appear the same as the original in the camera. It’s then possible to do 3D camera moves through and around the layers effectively turning a 2D image into 3D.

Applying DOF to the camera and animating the aperture or the focal distance directly, creates some interesting animations. A plugin I used extensively was Andrew Kramer’s Sure Target 2 which allows for really quick camera animation using nulls. You can add and automate camera shake and roll as well as dolly moves. A fantastic free plugin, thanks Andrew.

Vampire Island – History Channel

Vampire illustration by Ivan Allen

My latest editing job is a one hour documentary by Electric Sky Productions for the History Channel titled Vampire Island (working title). It follows the discovery of graves in Greece containing ‘unusual’ burials. One of the graves, discovered during an excavation by Professor Hector Williams in Myteline, shocked the world, the body had been buried in a tomb carved into the city wall, it had stakes driven through the neck, the pelvis and the ankles. It was then placed in a wooden cask, lowered into the tomb and the wall rebuilt around it. The people of Myteline definitely did not want this person returning from the dead….

The documentary follows on to locate an island off Myteline which is perhaps the location of the worlds only mass grave site for vampires.

Instead of cheesy reconstruction, director Julian Thomas has opted for stylish graphics by illustrator, Ivan Allen. I will then be doing simple animations of these in After Effects.

Sky Arts HD – First Love: Lenny Henry, 8pm 11 August

Sky Arts will be kicking off the series First Love on Wednesday, 11th August with Lenny Henry who’ll be taking on the challenge to sing some his favourite soul songs live at the Jazz Cafe in London.

Watch preview clip here:First Love: Lenny Henry

First Love – Sky Arts HD

I have just finished working on an Electric Sky Productions series called ‘First Love’ for Sky Arts. The series synopsis is “Five famous faces embark on an emotional journey into their past as they rekindle their first musical love. But do they fall in love again? And do they have the commitment and nerve to pull off a live performance?”. The series will be broadcast on Sky Arts and Sky Arts HD in August 2010.

Lenny Henry

Of the 5 x 60 minute episodes I’m cutting 3 featuring Janet Street Porter, Lenny Henry and Mark Radcliffe.

ACT Alliance One Rhythm One World video released

As the launch day for ACT Alliance looms the video has now gone live on YouTube. It was an adventure making it. Myself, JJ Maurage and Sean Hawkey (aka the production team) hope you like it.

One World One Rhythm from Sean Woollgar on Vimeo.